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TalentLatch is changing the way companies and talent connect with each other. Our focus is on curating the most sought after community, making job placements efficient and exciting for all parties involved.

We’re not a recruiting firm, we’re a talent marketplace. At TalentLatch we use state of the art technology to put companies in touch with talent. We provide the best companies with the top 10% of talent in South Africa.

At TalentLatch we believe that talent is the most important factor when fuelling growth. We’re helping people find great jobs, and helping employers build great companies. For companies this means you get access to a hand picked pool of the best talent in South Africa. Candidates are given the opportunity to market their skills, aspirations and salary expectations to the leading companies in South Africa. With insight into their interests, aspirations, role experience and salary expectations employers now have full insight into the market offering and can start approaching talent immediately.

TalentLatch is disrupting recruiting as you know it and changing the way companies and talent connect with each other. Our focus is on making life easier for both job seekers and hiring managers through curating the most coveted community of quality talent and innovative companies.

Hire your next rising star today. No fuss.

“We believe the right person is out there for each opportunity. That’s why we’re reinventing the job search so both sides can find their match with confidence.”

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