Employer FAQ's

Why should I use TalentLatch.com?

TalentLatch.com is the most efficient way to hire candidates. We provide you with the top 10% of candidates in South Africa ensuring that your team is made up of the best of the best. We do the heavy lifting so that you dont have to.

I’ve signed up, now what?

Signing up is as easy as providing us with your name, email and company name. This doesn’t grant you access to our candidate platfrom yet. You’ll need to complete your company profile and get vetted by our team before you’re given access to the marketplace.

Am I, as an employer, able to advertise jobs on my profile?

No, unfortunately not. TalentLatch.com is much more than your average jobs board. Instead of an inbox flooded with sub-standard applicants, TalentLatch.com has changed the model so that you can now select which applicants to approach for a job. Companies are able to enter basic marketing information that allows candidates to get a sense for the organisation as a whole, but not specific job openings.

Can I invite my coworkers to work from the same company profile?

Sure! Once your company profile has been approved you can go to the settings page and invite your coworkers to assist in finding your team the perfect new member.

How much does TalentLatch.com cost?

Signing up is free. We only charge you once you have made a hire. Need to make multiple hires in a single month? Get in touch with us to discuss alternate payment structures.

What talent will I have access to?

Employers will have access to talent based on the preferences selected by the candidates. TalentLatch.com provides elite talent in the three major sectors: finance, engineering and tech.

Still have questions? Email hello@talentlatch.com for answers

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