Referral Terms and Conditions

By participating in the referral programme, users agree to the terms as set out below.

In order to partake in the referral programme a referrer must:
  1. Be a user of or provide us with their basic details, such as name, surname and email address.
In order to qualify as a successful referral a participant must:
  1. Be accepted onto the platform within 30 days.
  2. Be hired within 60 days.
  3. Be employed at a single firm for more than 90 days.
Multiple Referrals

Only one referral link may be user per referral. Should a referral receive multiple invitations to the platform, benefits of the referral programme will only apply to the user of the corresponding referral link.

Sharing of Referral links

Referral links should only be shared with users who have reason to be involved in the referral programme. Referral links are not to be shared with companies or other entities who are not eligible to partake in the programme. Links are for Talent only.

Referral Bonus

Payment of referral bonuses will be received within 120 days of the referral starting their new role.

Termination of Referral Programme reserves the right to suspend or terminate the referral programme at any time without notice. also reserves the right to suspend users from the referral programme at their discretion. Should we suspect abusive or fraudulent activity we reserve the right to suspend accounts and withhold payment on these referrals.

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